Optimize Crude-by-Rail logistics strategies

Examine optimal locations and capacity of rail infrastructure and storage facilities across North America.

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Surge in Crude-by-Rail as pipelines reach capacity

U.S. railroad exports surge to record highs. A new look at developments in railroad facilities and transportation.

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E&P production expectations determine crude-by-rail demand

Detailed well-by-well production expectations for the North American shale plays.

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Expert Speakers to Date

  • Neil Gambow
    Kelso Technologies, Inc
  • Robert Hoge
  • Beau Maida
    GT Omni Port
  • Richard Lanyi
  • Jim Benedict
  • Dr Doss
    Intertek Canada
  • Karen Carriere
    Wabtec Corporation
  • Taryn Forster
    AGAT Laboratories
  • Jeff Lloyd
    Almita Piling Inc
  • Mike Woodward
    Torq Transloading Inc
  • Arjun Van Zuiden
    Strategic Oil and Gas
  • Waynn Morgan
    Baker Hughes
  • Taylor Robinson
    PLG Consulting
  • Derek Fraser
    Maxxam Analytics
  • Aaron Aubin
    Dave Poole
    Dillon Consulting Limited
  • Casey Carmody
    BioUrja LLC
  • Bill Huff
    SGS Canada

Past Attendees

  • Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.
  • BioUrja LLC
  • Wabtec Corporation
  • BMO Capital Markets
  • GeoMetrix Rail Logistics Inc.
  • Sky Eye Measurement
  • AGAT Laboratories
  • Maxxam Analytics
  • Kelso Technologies, Inc
  • Tangle Creek Energy
  • Lauren Engineers & Constructors ULC
  • SafeRack
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd.
  • The polytechnic ibadan
  • Astra Energy Canada Inc
  • Stantec
  • CIMA+
  • Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions
  • Almita Piling Inc.
  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • GT Omni Port
  • A & B Rail Services Ltd
  • TRC Solutions, Inc.
  • PTTEP Canada Limited
  • Baker Hughes
  • ANC Transloading Inc
  • Intertek
  • Wells Fargo
  • Dillon Consulting Limited
  • TRC Companies, Inc.
  • Department of State
  • PLG Consulting
  • Spartan Controls Ltd.
  • Astra Energy Canada Inc.
  • 1709826 Alberta Ltd
  • Lightning Bolt Resources
  • Basin Transload
  • Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • National Assembly Abuja
  • NGL-EP
  • Almita Piling
  • SGS Canada
  • Tourmaline Oil
  • Rail Pipeline Group LLC
  • Engineered Rail Solutions
  • CIG Logistics
  • Parson Brinckerhoff Halsall
  • Strategic Oil and Gas
  • Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.
  • Torq Transloading Inc
  • Bank of Canada

Who Should Attend?

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Rail Operations
  • Canadian Operations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Terminal Operations
  • Industrial Products
  • Transloading and offloading
  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Regulatory and Legal Counsel
  • Project and Risk Management
  • Plant Management
  • Terminal Owners and Contractors
  • Quality Control and Testing
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Sourcing
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Completions
  • Health and Safety

Why Attend?

North American Crude-by-Rail 2021 will deliver the most up-to-date market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest in crude oil transportation developments...

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For the crude oil transportation network and E&P companies

As crude oil volumes continue to rise, and available pipeline capacities are being utilized, the ever-increasing challenges of moving crude oil from wellhead to refinery is creating record price differentials. Producers and refiners want to know the latest in rail investment and construction plans, rail loading and offloading developments, and total connectivity solutions to the North American markets and beyond.

In addition to market constraints, the logistics and delivery of crude oil across the North American shale plays continue to be a challenging issue and navigating through the market has become increasingly complex. U.S. transportation facilities currently lack sustainable rail infrastructure, storage points, and transloading facilities required to support the ever-increasing volumes. Over the past seven years, the number of rail cars carrying oil across the continent has quadrupled, and now leading transportation companies, together with rail and transloading facilities need to find practical solutions in a low oil price market.

The objective of North American Crude-by-Rail 2021 Exhibition and Conference will be to bring the crude oil supply chain industry together to evaluate solutions for overcoming the logistical challenges of transporting crude oil by rail. The conference will also look at the East and West Coast Export Opportunities for marketing U.S. crude oil to the international markets with a special focus on transport capabilities and connectivity with a European and Asian outlook.

The Crude-by-Rail 2021 event will bring together key industry representatives, including E&P companies, regulators, freight and railroad operators, and solution providers to network and build cross-market relationships and to discuss the latest developments in the crude oil transportation and logistics infrastructure across North America. Be a part of the discussion that leads to take-home solutions to the current and critical transportation challenges facing North American oil and gas businesses today. Establish the direction and vision you need from the latest information from top industry performers. Case studies and real results will address the issues.

Key topics on this year’s agenda include:

  • Latest crude oil volumes and transportation forecasts
  • New rail loading, offloading, and transloading developments
  • Reducing transportation costs and railroad pricing dynamics
  • Optimizing existing rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity
  • Addressing the issues of safety in crude oil transportation
  • Exporting North American crude oil to the international markets

The Exhibition

If you would like to exhibit at this event, please contact ben.carlos@iQ-Hub.com.

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Key topics for 2021:

  • Latest crude oil volumes and transportation forecasts
    Understand the key market drivers with an update on volumes of crude oil from North American plays and their impact on railroad transportation.
  • New rail loading, offloading, and transloading developments
    Optimize on the latest developments in transloading facilities and identify new offloading points to maximize operational efficiencies and profit margins across the crude oil supply chain.
  • Reducing transportation costs and railroad pricing dynamics
    Learn how to minimize overall transportation costs and find work-around solutions to price differentials. How are others in the industry managing price volatilities?
  • Optimizing existing rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity
    Examine optimal locations and capacity of rail infrastructure and storage facilities across North America to provide efficient solutions.
  • Addressing the issues of safety in crude oil transportation
    Evaluate and manage crude-by-rail health and safety concerns ensuring that your transportation project meets with industry standards.
  • Exporting North American crude oil to the international markets
    Explore new opportunities in the East and West coast exports of U.S. crude oil and address the transportation challenges.


  • The conference provides value to the industry. Alex Schwaner (ASI Industrial)
  • Very informative- New to the industry and now have a much better understanding. Ed Gill (CIMC Intermodal Equipment)
  • I loved the show! Very informative conference and a great group of people. Andrew Over (TMT Solutions)
  • Provided a great learning opportunity and served as a very good networking event. Lisa Boone (Heartland Barge)
  • Excellent insight into supply chain & market from a vendor perspective. Luke Duke (Laredo Petroleum)
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